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Not just keto

"With Acetrack I can track exactly how the body responds to different physical challenges and dietary choices. I always know when I am in ketosis and can easily adapt my diet and training to reach my goals."

Rasmus, 45 – The Swedish Armed Forces

"I strongly recommend Acetrack. I have used the device since Oct. 2019 and lost 25kg. It facilitates my weight management and  keeps me in ‘fat burning mode’"

Håkan Magnusson, 59 – Management Coordinator

"Acetrack is a positive trigger for me. It helps me understand if I am in ketosis and if I am burning fat here and now. My Acetrack always tells me instantly. It is one of the most important tools I use to get into ketosis."

Lena Söderström, 60 – Professional Board Director

Acetrack – a short introduction

Measure if you are burning fat

Anders Murman, CEO and Co-Founder of Deversify, the R&D company behind Acetrack, explains why we need to make lifestyle changes in order to improve our health – and how Deversify’s breathalyzer Acetrack can help you to better understand your own metabolism.

Understand your own health

Understanding your own body and its rate of fat burning will help you make better dietary choices. Learn what happens in your body throughout the day, week and month with Acetrack.

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Acetrack – The Portable Ketone Breathalyzer

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