Acetrack – the mobile ketone breathalyzer

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Tracking ketosis is as simple as breathing. Through a simple measurement at home you can monitor your metabolism and immediately see when your  body is burning fat – and not. Use Acetrack anytime and anywhere. All you need is the mobile app and our pocket-friendly device.

Acetrack is the portable breathalyzer that detects acetone in exhaled breath.  Measure your ketogenic levels non-invasively and quickly through a simple exhale. As easy as breathing.

  • Acetrack is the portable breathalyzer that detects acetone in exhaled breath. With Acetrack you can measure your ketogenic level non-invasively anywhere, any time.

  • When you are in ketosis, your body releases acetone. We find measuring exhaled acetone to be the most accurate and non-invasive way of monitoring ketosis.

  • Monitor your ketosis and make better and more informed decisions about your diet and training.

  • Acetrack is a light, mobile and rechargeable ketosis monitor.

  • You can share your Acetrack with others by creating individual app accounts connected to the same device. Simply exchange the detachable mouthpiece.

  • Package includes: your Acetrack portable ketone breathalyzer, user guide, charging cable and one extra mouthpiece.

  • Connect your Acetrack device to your mobile phone via Bluetooth using our free-of-charge app and you are ready to start tracking.