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Ewa Meurk

Dedicated Health Engineer and Author of the book "Become your own Health Engineer – tools for metabolic health!".

Ewa Meurk is a Health Engineer. She combines her technical background (Master of Engineering from KTH – Kungliga Tekniska högskolan – Royal Institute of Technology) with a solid education from the fields of Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. She is also a certified addiction medicine coach specialising in food and sugar.

For many years, Ewa believed that health was all about eating less and running more. But the only results she saw were a lighter wallet and a heavier body. She only started to see improvement when she changed things around and stopped following well-established but outdated recommendations. When Ewa started following a more ketogenic diet, she found herself more energised, healthier and slimmer.

These surprising results sparked Ewa’s lifelong passion for understanding nutrition and health from an engineer’s perspective. Ewa now dedicates all her spare time (as much as she has given her full-time job as an entrepreneur and IT company CEO!) to understanding the science of metabolic health.

In the past decade our understanding of the metabolism, obesity, high blood sugar, and insulin has progressed by leaps and bounds, and Ewa has been working hard to spread this new knowledge. Ewa helped launch FunMed – Europe’s biggest functional medicine doctors clinic. Ewa also runs Elitista – an educational company where she holds presentations and runs courses for people who want to understand their own health better.

Jonas Colting

Jonas Colting is a former professional athlete, entrepreneur, author and public speaker on the topics of health and personal development.

During his 18-year long career as a professional endurance athlete won two titles at the Ultraman Triathlon World Championships as well as several medals at ITU Triathlon World and European Championships. He was also a pioneer in the sport of swimrun and the only athlete to date to have competed in every ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championships since the inaugural race in 2006. This is a race that CNN dubbed as “one of the 10 hardest races in the world” and Jonas also won ÖTILLÖ three times.

Following his professional career Jonas has expanded his endurance horizon and successfully completed the legendary MTG stage race Cape Epic in South Africa and the the worlds longest cross country ski race Nordenskiöldsloppet which is 220 kilometres long.

In 2014 Jonas swam the 640 kilometres between Stockholm and Gothenburg in six weeks and in the process raising 750000 SEK for WaterAid. In 2017 Jonas swam 300 kilometres around the Baltic Sea island of Gotland in an effort to raise awareness for the need of more public swimming pools and access to exercise in Sweden.

Early on in his career Jonas made the distinction between fitness and health and began implementing habits and methods of developing both. Fitness builds and stands on top of health. Over the years Jonas wrote several books on these topics and have for the past 20 years spread his knowledge through public speaking, writing and podcasting.

As a firm believer in primal health strategies and the innate wisdom of the human animal Jonas have been a long time user of Acetrack and its focus on metabolic health.

You can find Jonas on www.jonascolting.se and on @jonascolting in various social media.

Mag. Julia Tulipan
MSc. Clin Nutr

Julia Tulipan is a biologist and nutritional scientist, blogger, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and science enthusiast.

During her late 20ies she experienced severe health issues like chronic back pain, depression, weight gain and sleep problems, despite doing everything by the book. When Julia turned 30, she had reached a new low. That was the turning point in her health journey. This time she decided to dig deeper into the original science. This led her to question the general dietary guidelines and, on the path, to reclaim her health.

During the last ten years Julia fought her way back and says about herself, that she is now the healthiest she has ever been. As a coach, she helps now others, who also struggled for years, on their path to health and wellbeing. She supports high performing individuals in reaching their potential and built one of the most popular German blogs about the low-carb and keto lifestyle (www.juliatulipan.com).

Together with her dear colleague Daniela Pfeifer, they created the first certified KetoCoach training program in German.

She is a founding member of Ess-Wissen Club für Praktiker (EWiP), a membership platform for health professionals, coaches, nurses and doctors. Within EWiP she and her co-founders they go through studies and scientific papers, prepare infographics, slides and material for your work with clients.

Besides her entrepreneurial endeavours, she is a scientist by heart.

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Olga Hamilton

Registered Nutritional Therapist, FdSc, DipION, PGDip Nutritional Medicine, BA (Hons), mBANT and CNHC Registered.

Olga Hamilton is a TEDx speaker and an expert in the use of biodata to create highly personalised nutrition programmes. She passionately believes in the power of nutrition and the effect it has on every aspect of our health and wellbeing. Her approach is thorough and science-based, applying the latest research and advances in the field of nutrition, nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and functional medicine.

Olga works with highly complex biodata to identify imbalances within the body and rebalance them through targeted advanced nutritional interventions. This process offers her clients a truly personalised approach to their health and wellbeing.

Olga specialises in weight management, digestive disorders, anti-ageing and skin conditions.

Read more about Olga and contact her here:

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