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"With Acetrack I can track exactly how the body responds to different physical challenges and food intakes. I always know when I am in ketosis and can easily adapt my diet and training to reach my goals."

Rasmus, The Swedish Armed Forces

"Acetrack is a good trigger for me. It helps me to better understand if I am in ketosis or not, if I am burning fat here and now – or not! Acetrack tells me instantly."

Lena Söderström, Professional Board Director

"I have lost 25 kg with the help of Acetrack. Thanks to this simple breath meter, I can keep track of when I’m in fat burning mode."

Håkan Magnusson, Management Coordinator

"I have managed to drop more than 40 kg thanks to Acetrack – the kilos seemed to evaporate and yet my food portions remained big and hearty. I have learnt that with a good diet moderate exercise is enough in order to keep in shape. With Acetrack I know exactly what food I should eat – and avoid – in order to stay fit and strong."

Robert Kohn, IT Consultant

"I have suffered from migraines since my early twenties and the pain controlled my life – until I began using Acetrack. Now I’m avoiding migraines completely by keeping myself in Acetrack’s ‘fat burning mode’. Acetrack has also taught me a lot about my new, ‘more mature’ body – how it reacts to different kinds of foods and exercise routines and what I shall do in order to ‘remain young’".

Margareta Nilsson, IT Educator

"The easiest and fastest way I have ever measured Ketones.".

Iain Campbell, The University of Edinburgh